Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yeah, let the Sky Fall

Let me put this out there. I love music. And I certainly didn't expect a 23 year old to compose the title of a Bond movie.
But Adele did justice and honestly, I watched the movie twice just to listen to the track (in spite of downloading it and listening to it on repeat). Oh, the familiarity and the newness of it all.

Secondly, why the hell was a guy like Javier Bardem looking like the cat got to him and shook him up?
Bad hair - check
Face in pieces - check
Obsession with rats - check

My expectation from a Bond movie reduced drastically when I heard that Daniel Craig is being cast as Bond, few years ago. He is not the Bond, period. I realize they wanted to get someone with a face that hasn't been branded already, but I don't appreciate Angelina's perennial pout on a guy. His style looks practiced, though that goes to say he did what he could to play Bond convincingly. When I watch Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan get pally or up close with someone on screen, I WANT to be that person. With Craig? Not so much.
What happened to all the gadgets? I know Q says they don't make exploding pens anymore, but that's what made Bond so much fun. He saved the day using exploding pens and key-chains! Craig only gets a palm-print sensing gun, which he promptly loses and a radio transmitter.
Poor Severine didn't seem to have planned her day very well and ends up dying. Talk about all eggs in one basket. I did like the good agent gone rogue bit, and not because Demi Moore did exactly the same in Charlie's Angels. Yes, I used James Bond and Charlie's Angels in the same context. Sue me, it's just old wine in a different bottle. The old wine is given a lot of importance in the movie anyway with M insisting that the old fashioned ways work best with the enemies that come from the shadows (atleast, that's what I think). Now don't you dare call an old woman 'old'. She'll rinse your mouth with soap.
After all the mouth rinsing and defending the dinosaurs, M actually dies. What the hell! I thought that wasn't the point of this movie. His one mission was to save her and she dies of a freaking bullet to the leg. At this point, I was a little confused. The ending reminded me of Battleship, when they use an old relic to win the war, leaving the relic thoroughly destroyed. But atleast in Battleship, they actually won the battle.

I liked that Bond is portrayed as the rising-from-the-ashes hero and struggles to get though the typical Bond day. It just shows that everyone has skeletons and needs to fight their personal battles. But maybe they humanized him a little too much.
Nevertheless, I grew up listening to how awesome 007 is and probably wouldn't mind sitting though another episode of his awesomeness.

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