Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bloody Sparkling Confetti

I remember what I was 17 something, I sat in the office pantry on New Year's eve with two other girls. I was working part time then, my life was fairly simple. My biggest challenge was to get my dad to agree to me getting a mobile phone. I didn't even know what a shopping spree was. I was also super skinny and wanted to put on weight. The good old days! *sigh*

Now where was I..yeah, the office pantry with two other girls. One of them went on to become my best friend. The other one grew up to be extremely insecure and bitchy.
So there we were, late teenagers, spending New Year's eve sitting around with nothing else to do. The bitchy one suggested that we get a cake, I wasn't into cake cutting celebrations, still am not. It's like trying to compensate the lack of everything else. We looked into what we achieved that year (yes, even 17 year olds think they have things to achieve).
So cleared our +2, we got a job (part-time that it was) and we managed to start our graduation at the same time. We still figured that was something missing. Something very important.


Yes, boyfriends were important then. It meant we got to go out a lot. It meant we had a life. I mean, imagine the kind of influences we had. Sheesh!

So that day, we vowed that we would meet at the same place the next year, albeit, with our boyfriends.
I never thought too much of what we discussed that night.
The New Year came and went. We started college with gusto and cleared our first year of graduation with success. We also adjusted fairly well into our new job. I made a new bff and she remains my bff to this day. An eventful year followed and a lot of successes came after. It's funny how our priorities change and how life steers us to directions we never thought we'd go towards. We become different people, our opinions mature. I remember that day very clearly, because, that was the first time I made a habit of reflecting on my life every New year's eve. I plan my year ahead and try to be at a place I want to be.

And oh, just for the record, I did end up partying with my boyfriend on the New Year's eve that followed.

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