Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Serotonin AWOL

I've hit rock bottom, once again and there are very very few things that make me want to drag myself out of bed. So I've decided to make list of things I can look back on when I'm left wanting for a silver lining.

1. Sleep it off :
That basically means don't bother getting out of bed in the first place. Come to think of it, it's a plan as good as any.

2. Happy Music :
Vote for song of the month and listen to it on repeat. 
Note to self : This song cannot suck, since my sanity depends on it.
Song for current month : Can't Smile Without you, by Barry Manilow

3. Chocolate :
In all its forms! Being partial towards rum and raisin flavored chocolate is accepted and also expected.
Or a mug of steaming hot chocolate milk, since milk does make up for my calcium quota for the month.

4. Cheesecake :
Need I say more? Serotonin's already peeking from it's hidey hole.

5. TLC :
This one time, I felt super weepy and down. So I went and found my husband. Then I got a blanket and cuddled up to him. He happily obliged and I promptly fell asleep without moving for a few hours. Read point 1 again.

6. Read a good book :
A nice hot cup of chai to go with it won't hurt either. Again, stay away from murders, horrors, zombies and anything else that might be disturbing. 

7. Put off all decisions :
Unless someone's dying,in which case, find someone to make the decision for you. You cant decide what flavor juice you want right now, so making life altering decisions can be, well, life altering.

8. Watch a movie :
And make sure it's something happy. Like Madagascar, or When Harry Met Sally or Despicable Me or..you get my drift. Stick to animations, you can never go wrong.
Works wonders when used in combination with points 3, 4 and 5.

9. Stay away from bright lights and sounds :
It wont do any good to your already messed up head. It's like Alice in Umbrella Corp lock-down in there.

10. If all else fails :
Sit down and have a good cry. Then get up and take a hot bath. The wonders of a nice, hot shower are truly undermined.

Yup. That'll get you through the rest of the day.

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