Saturday, March 5, 2011

Over cooked maggie and blogging

After reading a few hundred blogs posted by random folk, I figured, well, this isn't so bad after all.
Here's how I came about this un-usual miracle.

For years now, I had maintained a journal of sorts on my PC, hidden under a folder-under-folder-under folder. I always wrote my everyday updates in there and was horrified by the idea of someone reading it. Nevertheless, it included a lot of name calling, so everyone's better off not reading it.
I remember opening a blog page with no enthusiasm anyway and my first post happened like ages ago. Boring.
So I sat at my desk considering all possible ways of killing/ murdering time (I've thought and executed several ideas like junk-eating, staring off at my screen, staring off into space, looking at my schedule several times, playing with yellow sponge ball and what not), when I finally decided, "its time."
But wait, a girl's gotta eat first.
Well, Sunday being Sunday, the whole world, inculding my office cafeteria thinks morons like me who work on weekends dont need to eat. The only thing even remotely edible that can be eaten was - Maggie noodles.
Now there are several ads and people who are willing vouch that maggie can be the yummiest fast food in time of need. I beg to differ, I'm sick of it. I think it tastes like salted batter at times, but hey, beggars cant really be choosers.
So went down, got the Maggie-making guy to make some for me.
"Thoda juicy banana" I told him, he looked at me like I asked him to donate his virginity. And no, "banana" here doesnt mean the fruit metaphor, I meant "banana" in Hindi as in "make".
He gave me a half-smile and proceeded to add a bowlful of water to the already cooked maggie. Ugh !
I came back to my desk and opened the I've-forgotten-this-blog-and-am-never-gonna-open-it-again page once more. Lo-behold ! Here I am.
Half way through the over-cooked maggie, I decided I cant eat this crap anymore but it got me through my almost-first blog. Ha!

Done for now and hopefully, I'll be back soon to follow-up on this.