Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A little shake, a little jive

You know your social life is a little too active when you hear of earthquakes and tremors on Facebook and not on the news. The minute I logged in to FB, I was flooded (no pun intended) with posts on how everyone in Chennai and B'lore had their world shaken. Some were even rueful that they missed the tremors (they were asleep apparently and thought it was a dream). Morbid.

Still, our Indian neighbors weren't the only ones affected. Infact, Indonesia measured 8.9 on the Richter scale, even the aftershock measured at 8.3. And then everyone claimed there was an earthquake in their city.
So what does this mean? The Mayans got it right? Damn, they shouldn't have made that movie (2012). 'Cause that's all I have running in my mind right now.
Either ways, I hope all my fellow earthlings stay safe. For all we know, it could have just been Rajnikanth's phone on vibration.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Married and happy !

It's not always that a girl gets married off to the man of her dreams, to settle into happy woman-hood (if such a thing exists). Contrary to what people believe, it doesn't change a lot of things.
For one, I still run from massive hugs given out for free by elders. Elders, like my parents, specially my parents.
Now, don't mistake me for a heart-less person, I enjoy hugs, I do. But not once every 7-8 minutes.

My folks came over, the first month after my wedding. By now, me and my husband had started living on our own. So, they came over, I made chai, some dinner while I chatted with them, etc. etc. Its one of those times when your parents feel proud of everything you do, like, how incredible the chai tastes. Or how good I got at making dal and how neat the house is. Every such compliment is succeeded with a big hug from dad. That's too much, even for a daughter who missed her folks terribly.

Then it finally happened, I snapped! It was 6 am and I was woken up by my dog barking. Also, my dad was on the phone, talking so loud, he didn't need the phone at all for the other person to hear him. I woke up with my eyes burning, only to be spotted by my dad. He rushed over, wanting to give me a goooodd-mooorning hug and I panicked! I jumped on the bed, hopped all the way across the 4 poster, jumped down to the floor, tripped over my dog's tail and nearly fell over. I stumbled across the dog and managed to run out of the room. Then, I stood at the door and a thought flashed across my mind, "What did I just do?"

By now, I was more worried about what my dad would feel, did I hurt him? What was he thinking?
Silence, for maybe 15 seconds..and then he burst out laughing. My mom,who was watching all this, cracked up at the same time. They laughed uproariously for about 15 minutes. Then, dad stopped to wipe his tears of mirth and said -
"Come here you!!"
And I sheepishly went to give him that hug he wanted.